I’ve been seeing Amber consistently over the past year, and her 5 element acupuncture has been the perfect medicine to support me through emotional and physical challenges. Overall, my quality of life has been much improved–specifically, I found the resolve to make needed changes in my work life, I have felt an increase in clarity, and a significant reduction in anxiety and depression. My insomnia has also diminished. My daughter has seen Amber several times, and has enjoyed the treatments. She is in middle school, and very physically active–the acupuncture has calmed her and balanced her physically and mentally/ emotionally. My daughter feels very comfortable with and respected by Amber. Amber is knowledgable, compassionate and professional. I naturally recommend her all the time to my clients and friends who express a need for healing, because I have had such an amazing personal experience with her acupuncture. On a practical note, her rates are very reasonable for a health practitioner, and I appreciate that she offers private and community sessions. If you are interested in feeling and living your best possible life, please try 5 Lights!!
— Emily

"Sound Table is an amazing experience that has helped me get present in my body and let go of tensions I’m holding onto. The soothing music and subtle vibration of the table gently hold the mind’s attention allowing the body to relax and feel the beauty and peace of the present moment.

Each session has felt a little different. One time, a deep comfort arose and a feeling of love and holding surrounded me. Another time, a stillness so expansive took place so that I felt one with the universe and connected to everything in it. Seriously.

Similar to experiences with meditation, yoga, and dancing I tasted freedom. Who knew it was possible to experience this just by surrendering to this moment of being alive on a table? Amber’s healing room feels safe and calm. I come out after in a different state of being, re-energized, look into the mirror and see myself, more true, more whole."

- Tobi

I have been seeing Amber for almost a month now and can’t recommend her highly enough. My initial reason for seeking out acupuncture were low back/sciatic pain and from the moment I met her I knew I’d made the right choice. Just being in her presence I feel better. She is compassionate, intuitive, a gifted healer and a remarkable person overall. 5 Elements is a specific type of work, where the energy is moved without leaving the needles in. As far as acupuncture goes, there is no other way to go- it is an interactive form of acupuncture that takes into account the whole person and not just their symptoms. Amber has helped me both with emotional and physical pain. It’s a collaborative effort, both of us on board to facilitate healing in my body. As a massage therapist I truly appreciate her touch, energy and caring demeanor. I always leave my sessions feeling lighter in my body and soul, looking forward to my next appointment
— Justine
I’ve been seeing Amber for almost two years now, and she is absolutely incredible. Her practice is energetic, enlivening, and extremely intuitive. She tailors her practice to each patient every time they come in, and often incorporates Moxa, tuning forks, and will sometimes guide my breath if it’s off. Her needle application is intuitive and gentle, even with the in-and-out of 5E - some of the most painless acupuncture I have ever received.

I’ve received both 5 Element Acupuncture from Amber and more recently began diving into a few Esoteric treatments - the Esoteric tend to last for a few weeks, and you can recall the patterns placed in your energetic field at will after sessions. The Esoteric sessions have been a wonderful supplement to my personal practice, and it was worth doing the emotional work of 5 E to get there. We still fluctuate between the two, depending on my body’s needs.

I owe her my sanity, well being, personal success, and spiritual connection. Cannot recommend her enough!
— Ambrosia
I was first told that I had degenerative disk disease in 1973 at the age of 13. In 1991 I began receiving acupuncture treatments to help relieve the nearly constant pain that resulted from this condition, and found the treatments to be very effective at reducing my pain and enabling me to continue to lead a very active lifestyle. Unfortunately, about 15 years ago I began noticing that I had extreme pain in my left foot that my acupuncturist seemed unable to treat. I have since found out that I have erosive osteoarthritis in both of my feet as well as my hands and spine. Although acupuncture seemed able to help with my back pain, it was seemingly ineffective on my feet. Consequently, I have been living with constant pain, 24 hours a day, for well over 10 years now. My original Acupuncturist moved away, and I tried another to see if I could get any relief in my feet. Again, my back always felt better after treatments, but I had no relief for the pain in my feet. Luckily, I met Amber West of 5 Lights Acupuncture, in February of 2013. I still can’t believe it, but immediately following my first appointment with her, I had no pain in my feet! I have continued to see Amber every other week, and I have found her treatments to be very effective at treating my pain and helping me to avoid using the drugs recommended by my Rheumatologist. I can’t speak highly enough of Amber. Obviously, she is an effective Acupuncturist who has been able to treat me where others have not. But I believe that the effectiveness of this form of medicine isn’t simply about knowing where to put the needles. It also depends to some extent on the “energy” that the practitioner brings to their practice. Amber is one of those people whose light shines so brightly, that you feel better simply from being near her. She is a special person who has a gift for what she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone who might be considering acupuncture to treat any condition that they may have
— Stuart
I’ve had Traditional (TCM) acupuncture in the past and was underwhelmed by the results. I was referred to Amber and her practice by a friend who thought I’d get a lot more out of the 5 Element approach. They were so right! Amber is very intuitive and always tunes in to what is really going on. She has such a great energy about her and is very passionate about her practice. She genuinely wants to work with you as a whole person and not just a symptom. Amber addresses all the aspects of my health and my person. What an amazing experience! I leave her office feeling completely blissed out. Definitely worth it to have a few sessions (or many) with Amber to experience 5 Element acupuncture and her beautiful soul.
— Eliz
I had never had acupuncture treatments prior to seeing Amber West. Although I had always been intrigued by it, I just never got around to investigating it. But, then I started experiencing shoulder (rotator cuff) issues and rather than go towards a surgical solution I decided to try out acupuncture. I am so, so glad I took the leap. Our first session was great. Amber met with me for at least 90 minutes – starting out by asked me about all aspects of my physical and mental health. It was the most one-on-one time I had spent with a healthcare provider in a long time. Then, I had an hour of treatment. I wasn’t certain what to expect, but I was so surprised by how little pain there is from the needles and just how energized and yet relaxed it made me feel. I have now been to see Amber a number of times and I swear to you, that woman has relieved a number of maladies: from terrible allergies (swollen, itchy eyes) to hot flashes (yes…I am that old). My shoulder? It’s still a tiny bit tender but I am nowhere close to needing surgery. If you check my profile, you’ll notice I don’t write many reviews. But, in this case, I cannot resist promoting what I have found to be an incredible tool in my healthcare arsenal. If you’ve been resistant at all, I highly recommend Amber’s practice. She’s a sweet, gentle, thoughtful, knowledgeable and understanding practitioner. Oh…and she’s reasonably priced – a nice plus.
— Lora
I started seeing Amber for acupuncture sessions after experiencing a significant loss. Emotionally, I was very flat. I wanted to move on with life, but I kept thinking about the same depressing things. After a few sessions of acupuncture, I was able to process what I needed to. Amber’s treatments definitely facilitated my healing. -Susie I can’t imagine finding a better acupuncturist than Amber West. She addresses my overall health, emotional and physical, and takes time to listen and ask questions to better guide the care that she gives. 5-Element acupuncture is quite different from the traditional TCM acupuncture that I was familiar with and I like it a lot more! -Katie Amber West with 5 Lights Acupuncture has provided amazing relief for me. I suffer from an uncommon nerve condition which causes intense chronic pain (CRPS/RSD). During the 6 years I’ve had this condition, I’ve tried everything recommended for relief from the pain (medications, PT, massage, biofeedback, implanted spinal cord stimulator & even traditional acupuncture). Most methods provided at least some relief, but not usually long-lasting and absolutely nothing completely removed the constant pain. I started seeing Amber after a friend’s urging nearly a year ago. From the first session, I was blown away by this treatment! This is a holistic approach to making each patient feel their best with focused, individualized treatments. I immediately felt relief from my chronic pain, in addition to my fatigue & anxiety (both brought on by the chronic pain). Even better was how long that relief lasted! Using her positive energy, careful listening and intuitive nature, Amber has addressed any and all concerns I’ve had during various visits – from lack of motivation to grief to sinus headaches (keep your eyes closed for that one if you’re squeamish – you can see the needle wiggling near your eye). I’m still awed by her ability to zero in on my main concerns and, with far less needles than with traditional acupuncture, I always leave feeling my best. It’s a wonderfully calming, healing and magical experience. (I tell her she works magic because I don’t understand how it all works exactly, but feeling the immediate changes, it’s magical!) If you are considering trying acupuncture (and if you’re reading these reviews, I assume you are), I strongly recommend that you make at least one appointment with Amber and give her an opportunity to make a difference for you. (Bonus! She has a new on-line appointment system through her website that makes it even easier to schedule with her!)
— Angela
Getting treated by Amber West has been a fantastic experience. Having graduated with a degree in the sciences, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about intangible medicine practices like acupuncture. However, after working with Amber I can definitely say there is something there that works, even if you can’t measure it. Receiving treatment from Amber has helped my mood, focus, energy level, and overall drive. She has a way about her that is comforting and empowering at the same time. Happy to help me tackle any problem large or small, she has a unique perspective on what makes people tick, and is able to apply that towards her medicine. I highly recommend her unique services (the 5 Element style she practices is much more holistic than traditional acupuncture) as a way to assist with everything from physical injury to mental and emotional stress.
— J
As a healthcare professional myself, I would definitely recommend Amber West to anyone looking for a positive, healing soul from which to receive care. She is very passionate about her work, and frequently volunteers her time to help those less fortunate in the Seattle area.
She practices a unique form of acupuncture that encompasses emotional elements along with physical ones.
— Jason
I saw Amber West for acupuncture and massage after a car accident; she came highly recommended to me by two friends. Our sessions did not disappoint!

Amber was warm, funny, thorough, and considerate. Her treatments were effective and to the point, addressing constitutional imbalances while relieving acute symptoms. Her 90-minute combo sessions were a steal at such a price — the extra attention is well worth the investment!

Modalities used: 5-element and esoteric acupuncture, moxibustion, tuning forks, and tuina massage.
— Melissa
Prior to seeing Amber, I suffered from persistent migraines. I had more headache days in a month than I had non headache days for over a year and a half, not to mention the neck and shoulder tense that would accompany the headaches. After trying many other options with no success, I was refereed to Amber. I am now headache free with no neck and shoulder tension. Amber is absolutely incredible! She is thorough, calming, genuine, knowledgeable and passionate. I have referred friends who have also had great results. I love the experience I receive and always look forward to going!
— Christin
If everyone could see Amber, I honestly believe the world would be a better place. I went to her originally with knee pain that had been dogging me for almost two years and, within two treatments, no more knee pain...along with a noticeable difference in my overall demeanor, in that I felt somehow more peaceful in general. I make sure to see her at least once a month, and it seems there is no problem she cannot fix. Just this month, a strange stomach ailment that sent me to two different doctors with no resolution VANISHED after seeing Amber. She came highly recommended to me, and I now highly recommend her to everyone I know. She is magic — do not hesitate — make an appointment now!
— D
Amber’s approach to healing is thoughtful, insightful and effective. While her acupuncture on its own is lovely, I can’t get enough of her combination acupuncture/ singing bowls sessions. It’s the perfect blend of modalities. After my last session I felt deeply relaxed, balanced and ready to take on my hectic life like a zen master.
— Amy
The healthiest - both spiritually and emotionally - I’ve been in my life is when I’ve been receiving regular acupuncture, but for too many years, I’d not maintained it. After getting a referral from a colleague and reading the content on Amber’s website, I booked an appointment with 5 Lights and was absolutely delighted with the treatment and have since returned regularly. I respond to both TCM and 5 Elements but they do have distinct methods and results. I’ll just say that 5E treats the soul as well as the body. I find Amber to be an excellent 5E practitioner, with a patient and intuitive manner. Each appointment I tell her what’s been happening inside/outside, then she checks my pulses and determines the treatment approach for that session. I find the moxibustion in conjunction with needles gives a holistic, transforming benefit that bolsters and secures me for a good time, bringing me back to myself in a way that I value dearly and deeply. When my sister came to visit Seattle, I got her a treatment with Amber, too, as I wished her to share the same positive experiences. Even though we are very different people and she was new to acupuncture, she told me she felt very good things from it. Billing is straightforward for me on my medical insurance, and appointment booking is also easy using Slate. For anyone seeking wonderful treatment, I can only give 5 Lights and Amber my highest endorsement.
— Alec