Sound Table

Music has been a medicinal tool for ages. Noted in ancient scripture and remnants found in archaeological discoveries we know our ancestors used sound as a way to heal themselves.  Today we find science is discovering the power of sound and as it relates to medicine as well.  In recent studies, scientists are discovering that cells have sound.  Not only do different types of cells have different sounds, but healthy and unhealthy cells can also be differentiated.  Even though we are in the beginning stages of these discoveries, the potentially profound effect on medicine is elating.  If we can decode the language of cells through sound frequency we are more capable to determine physical health prior to any ill symptoms emerging. This also opens the door to better understanding the mind-body-energy relationship. 

While scientists continue to deepen their studies of cell sound, people seem to intuitively know that music can make us feel good, change our moods, and calm our body and minds.  Sound healing differs from listening to music on the radio in how it uses specific tones and rhythms to facilitate shifts in our energy body. In energy medicine, it is understood that energy is an expression of matter, but can also change matter.  For example, yeast cells have a specific frequency they emit, (which is energy), if you expose the cell to a drop of alcohol (outside energy acting upon matter) the frequency of the cell changes. 

In sound healing specific tones and rhythms are used to break up unwanted coherence in the body/mind (ie. Cancer cells, or negative thoughts.) and to stimulate the reorganization and harmonic coherence.   The frequency being produced in a sound healing session, has an organizing and informing effect on weaker, less organized frequencies.  For example, if someone comes in with anxiety, they are experiencing a very chaotic, frenetic frequency, and with it often comes nervous feeling, scattered thoughts, irregular breathing and heartbeat, etc.  If they listen and feel a frequency that is strong, deep, clear, their body will naturally tune into it and start to synchronize to it and anxiety can melt away.  Like any medicine, sound healing offers an experience and opens one to the possibility of a different way of being. It is always up to the individual as to how far they take it.

The sound table is a visceral and auditory experience that moves energy through the body and mind in a profound way. Clients rest comfortably on a massage table in a private room while selected sounds and music are played through a sonically designed experience.  The music used in these sessions is compiled playlists from well-known sound healers and musicians.  The music is intentional and purposeful.  Sessions are 45 - 60 minutes with time allowed for quiet meditation after. 

In the days to follow many clients experience a deeper sense of embodiment, openings in thought processes, release of emotion, deeper sleep, ease of pain, and an overall sense of well-being.

Music for Health

Energetically, the human experience (body, mind, emotion, spirit) is composed of oscillating energetic fields.  These fields are constantly responding to and acting upon our environment, both internally and externally.   Music is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, dynamic interweaving of various vibrations.  Resonating deep with our vibrating energetic core, the profound effects of music and sound are seen in every culture of our world and throughout time.  Listening to music affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

I want to share just briefly a few thoughts on how music affects us physically and emotionally.

Physically as music enters our ears the vibrations are converted to impulses that travel to the thalamus, which is a relay station of emotions, sensations and feelings.  It is through this exchange we associate emotional meaning and a physical response of moving to the music.  Emotionally music creates a mood landscape that we respond to on sub-conscious and non-verbal levels.  It’s why when we experience a beautiful piece of music we are often left speechless.

The stimulation of the thalamus also influences our sleep patterns, metabolism.  Linked to the limbic system and the endocrine system, our breathing, pulse, circulation and gland secretion are influenced. *

In general music decrease muscular energy.  From a holistic perspective, our bodies can hold memories and habits from the past or current stressors.  Maintaining a small amount of this tension can in some ways be beneficial, but if there is too much energy stored this way it can inhibit balance and growth and healthy functioning of the body.  Moving energy through the muscular-skeletal system, as well as the fascia and organs themselves is a way of clearing out and releasing any excess energy that has built up.  This is crucial for the vitality of our organs, clarity of our mind, and expression of our emotions. 

We spend most our life attuning to one of the many aspects of ourselves.  When we experience music that we enjoy, whether it is in a healing setting, a concert, or a small house gig, we can experience unity with all parts of our being.   We can enter a higher state of consciousness just from the vibrations of the sound and it’s interaction with our vibrational core. 

Practitioners of Tantra, Matnra and Nada Yoga have long claimed that all structure is created by sound- no matter how ethereal the sound may be. As we look to the healing power of music, I can’t help but wonder and explore what structural changes are taking place within us when we listen to, create or even just think of music.  From changes in the physical body, mental structures, emotional and belief systems, to the integrated structure of unity, music seems to have unlimited influence on the human experience.

Sound Baths

Sound Baths are my most frequent events and they are held multiple times throughout each month.  Sound Baths are meditative experiences where participants are invited to lay or sit in a comfortable position for the duration of the bath.  They are called sound baths because of how the sound waves "wash" over you, clearing you energy field and nourishing the body.  Baths have powerful effects on our brain waves, entrancing them into deep states of healing.  Baths are ideal if you are dealing with pain, depression, anxiety, monkey mind, stress, fatigue, digestion imbalances, or are seeking spiritual experiences to expand your consciousness (among many more).  It is not ideal to come to a sound bath if you have a pacemaker, a broken bone or are experiencing an anxiety attack. 

These baths, while given in a small community setting, are deeply personal, and experienced uniquely as everyone is in a different life process.  This makes sound healing a powerful modality for strengthening the individual and supporting a community of conscious healing. 

Resonate Healing

Acupuncture, sound therapy and massage are all modalities that can help us move toward deeper states of wellness.  Wellness is a path that resonates with more integrated and refined frequencies.  Everyone’s path is different and unique to them, just as every living being has a unique vibration.  Like a finger print, your vibration is unique to you. 

We are composed of multiple energy fields- the energy field of our limbs, core, chakras, our organs, cells, our thoughts and emotions – and like a symphony each of these fields have a unique frequency that together send out an integrated tone.  At our best, all our fields are humming strong and harmoniously.  At times of support we may find one or more of our frequencies is less than optimal, deficient in quantity or quality. 

As we move through life we’re naturally drawn to certain things and repelled by others.   This is the law of attraction and the law of resonance in action.  The law of attraction, stating that like attracts like, explains why we may be drawn to a certain career, or person, or land.  Why we crave to be by the water, or in the heat of the desert, why we may fall in love with someone, why we may dislike others.  Our energy is always dancing with the energy of our environment and the energy of those in our field.  Things that fuel us literally do so on an energetic level; as the law of resonance states that the stronger frequency will entrain a weaker one. 

The law of resonance also explains why modalities like acupuncture and sound healing can help us heal the body.  By “humming” certain frequencies within our field, the body is reminded of its natural state and rises up to be at its healthy and optimal frequency.  Vibrations can release mental, emotional and spiritual blocks by untangling the energy flow allowing us to connect with what is available to us in the moment from the universal energy around us.