Endocrine Gland Energy Meditation

When we quiet our mind our attention naturally turns to our internal world.  Not necessarily our emotional world, which is naturally entangled with the external world.  Rather it allows us to discover what is underneath our day to day thoughts, feelings, sense of doing, reaction and entanglement with the external world.  When we meditate, we are positioning ourselves to have a certain experience.  What that experience is, of course, varies. Sometimes I sit in meditation and nothing really happens. My mind is just quietly resting in silence.  Other times I experience a profound sense of Stillness.  Other times I go into a deep energetic trance and have profound physical, energetic, visual, and auditory experiences.  For myself I’ve found whatever experience is had in meditation is valuable and something I learn from.

Sometimes it is helpful to start of a meditation with a specific action for the mind to take.  In such as case, I’ve found working with the chakras is a lovely way to kick off your inner inquiry.  The chakras are energetic fields of information that govern the workings of our mind, body, emotions and soul and spiritual contact.  The information dispelled from the chakra fields inform our endocrine glands that in turn direct our biology and psychology through the release of hormones.   

This meditation can be used to focus on either the chakra centers themselves or the endocrine glands.  To start you might want to look up where the glands or chakras are. Print and post them on the wall if easy/possible.  Or just look at them so you have an idea where they are in your body. When you get ready to meditate have the images close by.  Sit or lay in a comfortable position.  Begin by looking at the pictures and scanning your body and see if you can find a sensation coming from the gland or chakra.  Once you find it, close your eyes and take some breaths.  I like to see myself bringing in gold light and exhaling out the old. Sometimes it’s old thoughts, emotions, stagnant energy or even another color.  If you are pressed on time you can do just a few breaths for each gland or chakra, starting at the base (1) and working your way to your crown (7).  When you have more time, I suggest staying on each gland until you feel it is balanced, or have an intuition to move on to another one. 

Chakra centers are located:

1st - Perineum
2nd - Sacrum
3rd - Half way between navel and bottom of sternum
4th - Center of the chest/sternum
5th- Center of throat
6th- Center of forehead
7th- Top of head

Endocrine gland associated with the chakras are;

1st - ovaries
2nd - adrenals
3rd - pancreas
4th - thymus
5th- thyroid
6th- pituitary
7th- pineal

In our culture there is a lot of promotion of using meditation as a tool to manage stress. This is true. But there is much, much……much more to it.  Meditation is a way we can bring our soul to the forefront of ourselves by changing the resonance of our body and mind, and truly enlighten ourselves.  I encourage daily practice of at least 20 minutes so you can get a taste of the jewels within.

The Path of Wellness

In the western paradigm, we are prone to a rather narrow view of health and healing.  In this disease-centric model we perceive healthcare as managing/responding to a disease or attempting to prevent it. This is like going from negative to zero and only focusing on half of the health picture.  Wellness, is the best term I have come across to describe what happens beyond zero and into the positive.  Wellness is not about prevention, it is about expansion.  There is always a place for the healthcare of disease management.  Illnesses are to be respected and cared for tenderly. We have ample, highly qualified, incredibly knowledgeable practitioners that offer services to effectively give this kind of care.  But those who are awake to the new paradigm of wellness may be looking for alternative tools to assist them on their journeys of expanding.  This is a response to such seekers.

If maintenance, such as in the western disease-centric model, takes us from negative to zero, wellness takes us from zero to positive.  As mentioned, wellness is about expanding consciousness.  Expanding consciousness entails a shift in one’s vibrational field.  Energy is information and is expressed at various density levels.  The densest being our physical body, then our etheric body, emotional, mental and various refined spiritual bodies.  For those on a spiritual path, it may be of interest how these bodies align and inform one another.  As we begin to look at wellness and expansion we discover we can use our own effort and will to refine even our densest of energy bodies.  As we do, we change the information (energy) available to us.  As this information changes, our physical body, mind, and emotions change as well.  Many will even report a shift in the day to day challenges they have and find things that use to be struggles before aren't anymore.

At this stage our consciousness begins to shift as a direct result of our own volition. We find tools to help us unfold and while we deal with any physical or social ailments, we become more interested in our inner journey.  Tools on our wellness journey are practices like eating the highest quality and vibrationally clean foods we can, meditation, mindful movement practices, and receiving energy work.  

Even though acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, what continues to be taught in schools today remains rooted in the western paradigm, be it responding to illness or focusing on preventing imbalances.  The focus of preventing imbalances is not a wrong way to practice.  I often use acupuncture as a tool to meet clients where they're at in dealing with physical issues.  But think about it, what is the motive for preventing energetic imbalances?  Most people I have asked say in order to avoid dealing with the physical/mental/emotional expressions of those imbalances.  Energy workers who are aware of the wellness paradigm are more interested in helping clients open up, and access the higher vibrations of their Heart center.  As this is done, prevention is  swept up and moved beyond as the expansion of consciousness is chosen over the contraction of focusing on the physical.

As we climb the ladder of wellness we find our sensitivity increases and we become more particular with what we ingest – including food, music/sound, information from TV and news, social activities, etc.  For those who are rooted in the comforts of the day to day living, it may not be the right time to embark on such a journey, but for those who are ready to release what is no longer needed and let the fires of the Heart burn through the gateways of higher consciousness, these shifts will be welcomed.  

Healing at Home: How to make use of Entrainment

In vibrational medicine there are three basic ways to work with energy:  1.  You can nourish it from one phase to another.  2.  You can control it 3.  You can entrain it.

We see this beautifully laid out in the Chinese elemental theory as what is called the Shen cycle, one element moving into the next (just like one season moving into the next).  The Ko cycle, where one element controls the other (such as water puts out fire). And entrainment, where the weaker vibration attunes to the stronger vibration (Shaoyin or Heart/Kidney axis). 

While all of these have a place and use, I have found entrainment to be the most helpful for making lasting changes and the easiest tool to use at home.

Entrainment is the process where two interacting oscillating systems assume a common period (Wikipedia). During the period of commonality there is coherence.  Where there is coherence there is greater degrees of wellness, health and awareness.  The Heart Math Institute is one organization that has done quite a bit of research on coherence and what happens to individuals and communities when people start to experience extended periods of synchronicity.

When we’re not in coherent states we can feel anxious, depressed, quick tempered, fuzzy, short attention span, ungrounded and self-conscious.  We can have symptoms like panic attacks, insomnia, digestion disturbance, fatigue, mood swings, emotional instability, and illness.  When we’re in a coherent state we tend to feel more at ease, relaxed, clear headed and grounded.  In this state our body is freed from the tension of being scattered and can heal.

Meditation or focused awareness is the best way that I have found to quickly gain a coherent energetic state.  The question is then, what is it we’re entraining to?  We entrain to the strongest vibration, which most people when they experience it describe it as Love.  In the cycle of the elements the Chinese show how each vibration moves into one another.  This is a natural flow that is constantly happening on micro and macro levels.  They also show the Heart is the first energetic.  It’s described poetically and scientifically how the heart needs to be the most empowered energetic for there to be order, health and wellness within a person’s body, mind and soul.  The energy of Love has the ability unlike any other to create a deep state of coherence.  The Heart field is dynamic, opening and closing depending on our experiences.  The purpose of the meditation is to intentionally move into a state of centeredness, allowing all the fields of your mind and body to be nourished by the powerful energy of Heart Love. 

The Practice.

You can apply the basics of this to do a meditation on each chakra, any organ, feeling or trouble you may be experiencing. 

1.        Sit or lay in a comfortable position.

2.       In your mind’s eye see the area you want to work with.  Sense it.  Stay focused on it.  Don’t analyze it, just stay present with it. 

3.       Draw your mind’s eye to the edge of it.

4.       Become aware of the space around it.  Feel the quiet, pure, strong vibration of that silent space.  If you don’t recognize this space as the quality of Love, intend it to become Love. 

5.       Focusing on the sensation of Love, feel it embrace what you’re working with.  Hold your attention on it.  If whatever you are working on starts to heighten, simply intend increase the envelop of Love around it.  Hold this until the sensation dissipates.


If you experience anxiety, you can close your eyes and locate where you feel the anxiety.  Once you have a sense of where the anxiety is, hold the sensation of it in your mind.  Start to draw in the sense of Love around it.  If the anxiety feels like it’s growing, hold the Love stronger until it calms down.


Healing Meditation

Below is a healing meditation, but first, it helps to know a bit about what happens in meditation so that when you do it, you are primed for the effects (knowledge primes us for experience).  In ancient traditions meditation was understood as a form of spiritual technology.  Now we use tools of science to measure and observe the biological effects.  If you were to monitor brainwaves of someone sitting quietly, and compare it to someone meditating, you would see that in the person sitting quietly the brainwaves would likely be in some state of Beta as they are thinking, or maybe they would dip down if they were starting to dose off, but what you likely wouldn’t see was any sort of coherence in the brain wave pattern.  Contrast to a person meditating, you would see neural coherence and they would be in an Alpha or even Delta phase.

Coherent brainwaves are the gates to the magic.  This coherence is the result of neural entrainment, where the brainwaves become synchronized.  It’s just like if you were to walk into a room with a hundred clocks ticking, over time all of them would start ticking in sync.  In meditation we use our awareness like a bridge to connect ourselves to the cosmic vibration, what is often referred to as the Divine, God Consciousness, Unity or Life Force.   When we do this our energy system is fortified, our biology changes in response to the new information coming in and we experience healing, mystical experiences and discover what it means to go beyond ourselves and connect to a greater mind.  More and more studies are showing people are overcoming severe health conditions (even illnesses western doctors have determined terminal) and in a matter of months be completely healed.  (Images of people’s energy fields before and after meditation will show an incredible difference in vibrancy and consistency.)

Meditation is an attunement to a coherent vibrational pattern.  It has different effects than just relaxing because we fully go beyond ourselves.  Most of our energy is tied up in the past or the future and it’s this habit that makes it difficult to be in the present moment.  When we give our full attention to the present moment we discover there is no past or future, there is no sense of self, who I am and what I like or want or hate.  There is no identity. There is not even a purpose to meditate, meditation is simply all there is.

In this deep state of awareness, the energy field of all our organs, tissues and cells start to resonate in coherence with this greater life affirming energy.  Our body becomes primed for life and it’s innate healing ability is activated.  Energies that are not in alignment with this strong vibration pattern, cease, leaving us as vibrant, coherent beings.  When we get ourselves into this state of energetic coherence and from it draw up a strong intention, such as to heal the body, our conscious choice is amplified through the cosmic vibrational network and information (energy) on how to heal specific ailments is resonated.  Each time we meditate and give ourselves this experience of coherence our body is given the experience of full health and reminded how to heal.  Done consistently and our energetic system, in turn our biology starts to change.  Many studies now show these profound effects of healing meditations.

Onto the meditations!

Meditation #1:  Balancing the charkas

Can do sitting or lying.  Get comfortable.  Set a timer if you need to, but if possible to just ride it out that is best. 

The purpose of this meditation is to bring the body into energetic coherence and use the power of intention through blessing and balancing the information centers of your personal consciousness.

Turn your attention to the dark space in your head.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes.  Then turn your attention to the dark space around your head.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes. 

Then move your attention to the dark space that occupies your throat.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes.  Then turn your attention to the dark space around your throat.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes. 

You do this focusing in and out on the following areas.  Spending minutes on each attention point.

Space above the navel
Space below the navel

Once you have attuned all of these spaces (chakras) turn your attention to your entire energy field.  Feel it.  Then turn your attention to the space all around your aura.  Feel it. 

Done properly, your body will be in complete coherent resonance and you will feel different than when you began.

Move your awareness back into the space of your perineum and bless it with gratitude and love.
Move your awareness into the space below your navel, and bless it.
Do this, moving up through your energy centers. 

When you finish blessing the head, move your attention to 16” above the top of your head.  Feel it’s dark space, then feel the space around it, then give it a blessing.

To end, we seal this meditation with gratitude.  Feel in your body the state of wholeness and complete health.  Gratitude is the energetic marking of receiving. 


Benefits of Meditation

The awareness that meditation takes away something negative is becoming more common and accepted knowledge:  For example, of the many benefits of meditation includes reducing:  stress, anxiety, depression, busy or unfocused mind, pain, hormonal imbalances, emotional distress, and risk of many diseases, including cancer.

The list above is just an example of how meditation can take you from in the “negative zone” of experiencing life to neutral.  The art of sitting quietly can uproot many of the dis-eases (habits, insecurities, as well as mental/emotional/physical discomforts) we experience in life when we’re not on the cushion.  This creates within us a sense of neutrality.

Why is this important?  Because you have to have a solid ground zero before the doors to experiencing life on the positive end of the scale open up.  When meditation shifts from being that thing I should do, to that thing I occasionally do, to part of your daily or weekly routine, a new sense of center develops.  A gravitas, or weightiness, emerges within that enables us to stay grounded against the waves of anxiety, depression, stress, etc. to the point where these feelings may arise but the response to them and their effect is significantly altered.

When we eliminate the old way- the “in the negatives” way – of responding to our experiences, and stand on our new ground zero, endless and creative possibilities open up enabling us to break our habitual response to stress and emotions.  Now we find ourselves responding to stress by way of conscious choice rather than a conditioned response.  Once we can find ourselves standing steady on ground zero we can begin to self-develop and self-cultivate rather than self-destruct.

Getting started with meditation

The benefits of meditation are numberless.  From reducing stress,  to changing our physiology the benefits far out weight the time you put into it.  For those who have never tried it before I offer a few basic suggestions on how to meditate…

Getting Started

There are a lot of ways to approach meditation and to incorporate it into your life.  Below is just one suggestion on how to get started with a basic seated meditation:

  • Set a time to meditate:  Our lives are busy.  If we want to get something done we often have to plan it.  Planning time in your day or week to meditate helps many follow through on actually doing it.  You may find that meditating in the morning or in the evening before bed is easiest, this is because our brain waves are naturally in a slower phase than during the middle of our day.
  • Set the intention to meditate:  In the beginning of meditation there is effort.  We have to set the intention to meditate.  If we spend an hour sitting, and just engaging with our mind and thinking as usual, there will be no benefit, whereas if we spend an hour on the cushion making effort to go beyond thought each time one arises there will be significant benefit.  The effort is fueled from the intention.
  • Get comfortable.  When you meditate it’s best to be upright.  I prefer sitting, though many like to stand or walk in their meditation.  Upright is better than laying down, simply so you’re not tempted to fall asleep.    No matter your position, be sure you’re comfortable.
  • Set a timer.  Even if you have no need to set a timer I find doing so is helpful just so you don’t let your mind convince you to keep glancing at the clock.  I suggest starting off with 20-30 minutes right off the bat.  I’ve found it to be more helpful than starting short and working your way up to longer meditations because often it takes the first 10-15 minutes to settle into it.  If you give up before you actually experience meditation than of course it will become frustrating and there will be no benefit.
  • Sometimes I will read a poem or quote before meditating, or I’ll simply remind myself of my own intention to meditate.  Something to open the space and mark the beginning of the session.
  • At the end of it I take a moment to reflect and appreciate the effort, experience and insights that were had.  Giving gratitude is the greatest way to acknowledge receiving and it triggers our minds to hold the experience by reinforcing neural pathways.

For more on the benefits of meditation click here.

Harmonizing Yin & Yang Meditation

You can balance your energy through meditation and visualization. Such practices can have an immediate effect on your body, mind and emotions. One that I’ve found to be particularly powerful and effective at balancing the yin and yang energies is a Gold Light Black Light breathing meditation. This meditation focuses on balancing the yin and yang energies within your force field.

Ideally you want to practice this for 20 consecutive minutes a day (you may want to set a timer). You can practice laying, sitting or standing, whichever is most comfortable for you. This meditation cultivates harmony by aligning the breath with the visualization. You may find it easiest to do with your eyes closed. In your mind’s eye, picture a point deep in the universe, as far as you can imagine it. From that point comes a gold light. As you take a breath in, see that gold light stream down from that point deep in the universe and enter the crown of your head, as you continue to breath in see that gold light fill your head, your face, your neck, your chest, your arms, your hands, your ribs, your belly, your pelvic bowl, your legs, filling every cell and in between every cell in your body, all the way to the bottom of your feet.  See that gold light go out the soles of your feet and deep into the core of the earth.

In exchange for this gold light, the earth gives you back black light. As you exhale, visualize black light coming up from the core of the earth, into the soles of your feet, up your legs, filling your core, your pelvic bowl, your belly, your chest, your heart, your arms, your hands, your head and extending out your crown back to the universe. In exchange for this black light, the universe breaths back to you gold light. Continue to take deep steady breaths and align your visualization with your breath. If you find yourself distracted just bring your attention back to the practice.