Frequencies of Fire


We can see the fire element easiest in the summer as it is the energy that is all around us.

In our body if there is too much fire energy we may experience excess heat, a short temper, being “hot headed,” headaches, irritability, constipation, dehydration, skin conditions, blurry vision, etc.  If there is too little fire we may experience close heartedness, withdrawn, anxiety, coldness in the body, slow metabolism, slow or foggy thoughts, unclear sense of self, etc.

All of these symptoms are clues from our bodymind that we are out of harmony.  If we turn our attention into the experience we are having we can begin to understand why we are out of sync and then we can know if the imbalance is in the physical body or if there is an emotional component.  Notice there are different ways we can examine our experience - if we are anxious or in a lot of pain we may have a hard time quieting the mind to be an objective observant.  But if we can get ourselves to a state of curiosity, a state of wanting to know ones self more, then we may be surprised how much information we can gather just by quieting our mind.  To quiet the mind means to pay attention and in this case, to direct one's attention on the intention.  Here, our intention is to know why there is an imbalance in the bodymind.  When our judging mind is quieted, then we can find the sense of knowingness as to what is causing the imbalance and then use discernment as to how to take action.   Our action may be to eliminate heating foods and to take in more cooling substances (see below).  We may find meditation helps us clear heat, or doing specific body movements.  Or perhaps we have a conflict old emotional habits that is ready to be resolved,  Sometimes just the awareness of the cause of the imbalance begins to resolve it.

Like all of the elements, Fire has many frequencies (vibrations) within its domain.  As it resonates through our emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields we might experience the range of joy and playfulness, to maturation, transformation and love. Our energy follows where we put our attention.  If we put our attention on the desire to have fun, our thoughts and actions will be governed by that desire, and in turn strengthening that vibration within us.  If we’re oriented on a specific life path, we experience the fire frequencies that help us unfold (mature/transform) on our journey.  If we're on a spiritual journey we may experience Tapas, a Sanskrit word meaning "to heat, to give warmth to, to shine, to burn."  This is a frequency of fire that comes from the fire of our kidneys (will power) and the fire of our heart (Love) resulting in the desire and discipline for self purification, orto know one's true self.

Cooling Foods: