Nourishing Depression

Needless to say depression is one of those experiences that we’d all rather not have to deal with.  But the fact is that most people will experience periods of depression at some point in their life, and are likely to be affected by a loved one dealing with it as well.

In Chinese medicine depression stems from an imbalance of the liver.  In 5 element theory the energy of the liver transforms into the energy of the heart.  When the liver is burdened the heart fire decreases and there is depression.  Liver is responsible for inner vision, planning, sense of direction in life and taking action.  If there is stagnation in the liver energy system we are not moving forward in life and the negative and stagnant energies of the liver will be transferred into the heart field.  The Chinese understood there are different types of souls that reside within the human experience.  The Hun is associated with the liver, and translates as cloud-soul.  This aspect of our soul is understood to reincarnate with us through all our lifetimes and is the record of our purpose in each manifestation.

In my clinical experience of working with clients experiencing depression the manifestation of it is unique and factors such as family of origin, personal experiences, and karma, as well as the health and vitality of the physical body are usually intertwined.  From a wellness perspective depression is not something I approach as an ailment that needs to be healed.  Rather, it offers information that when we examine and understand the cause of, can begin to transform.   This process increases self-awareness and teaches one the magic of self-transformation. These are soul lessons.

Given that it is unique for everyone, I find myself engaging with clients differently as well.  But one thing that is common is creating a context of emotional and mental support, and optimizing the physical body.   With depression there is always some level of physical purification that needs to occur.  When we eat good foods, drink pure water and exercise, the vibration of the body starts to lift, dramatically influencing the emotional body.

Physical Body Care:

Increase organic calcium
Eliminate sugar, chemicals, drugs or alcohol
A liver flush is helpful to strengthen the liver system so the physical organ is not so stressed.  This simple cleanse is a good start.

Include these foods regularly:
Sour foods:  lemons, pippin and granny smith apples, unflited/unheated apple cider vinegar
B complex
Vitamin C

Liver is responsible for governing the flow of energy through the body.  When the body does not move, the liver energy stagnates.  Moving the physical body helps support and stimulate the liver in moving qi smoothly. 

Emotional Body Care:
Learning how to stay in your body while experience depression is, in my estimate, the first step.  Most often I see people disassociate, or are only partially in their body.  This makes it impossible to transform.  Mindful practices will inevitably draw someone even closer to the experience of depression, which is typically feared and therefore avoided. But in my experience, with proper, consistent, loving, support from another person can be the key for drawing one into their body and once that is established a deeper, objective examination of one’s experience can begin.  Examining our experience is like shining the light of our attention on ourselves.  By nature we are set up to pursue wholeness.  When we become aware of a wound inhibiting this wholeness the act of our attention is what ignites healing.