Sound Table

Music has been a medicinal tool for ages. Noted in ancient scripture and remnants found in archaeological discoveries we know our ancestors used sound as a way to heal themselves.  Today we find science is discovering the power of sound and as it relates to medicine as well.  In recent studies, scientists are discovering that cells have sound.  Not only do different types of cells have different sounds, but healthy and unhealthy cells can also be differentiated.  Even though we are in the beginning stages of these discoveries, the potentially profound effect on medicine is elating.  If we can decode the language of cells through sound frequency we are more capable to determine physical health prior to any ill symptoms emerging. This also opens the door to better understanding the mind-body-energy relationship. 

While scientists continue to deepen their studies of cell sound, people seem to intuitively know that music can make us feel good, change our moods, and calm our body and minds.  Sound healing differs from listening to music on the radio in how it uses specific tones and rhythms to facilitate shifts in our energy body. In energy medicine, it is understood that energy is an expression of matter, but can also change matter.  For example, yeast cells have a specific frequency they emit, (which is energy), if you expose the cell to a drop of alcohol (outside energy acting upon matter) the frequency of the cell changes. 

In sound healing specific tones and rhythms are used to break up unwanted coherence in the body/mind (ie. Cancer cells, or negative thoughts.) and to stimulate the reorganization and harmonic coherence.   The frequency being produced in a sound healing session, has an organizing and informing effect on weaker, less organized frequencies.  For example, if someone comes in with anxiety, they are experiencing a very chaotic, frenetic frequency, and with it often comes nervous feeling, scattered thoughts, irregular breathing and heartbeat, etc.  If they listen and feel a frequency that is strong, deep, clear, their body will naturally tune into it and start to synchronize to it and anxiety can melt away.  Like any medicine, sound healing offers an experience and opens one to the possibility of a different way of being. It is always up to the individual as to how far they take it.

The sound table is a visceral and auditory experience that moves energy through the body and mind in a profound way. Clients rest comfortably on a massage table in a private room while selected sounds and music are played through a sonically designed experience.  The music used in these sessions is compiled playlists from well-known sound healers and musicians.  The music is intentional and purposeful.  Sessions are 45 - 60 minutes with time allowed for quiet meditation after. 

In the days to follow many clients experience a deeper sense of embodiment, openings in thought processes, release of emotion, deeper sleep, ease of pain, and an overall sense of well-being.