Yoga Energetics

In our busy and chaotic world, it is very common for people to become out of balance both internally and externally in their body. Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity and can often help people become more balanced. Through Ayurvedic practices, we adjust what we put into our body and develop or modify our daily practices, to find our unique state of balance. One component that will help bring balance to the body and mind, is yoga, the sister science to Ayurveda. The practice of yoga helps you become more in tune with how your physical body feels and can help you to move your prana (energy) through your body. It also helps with building strength, balance and focus to both your body and mind. To learn more about the science Ayurveda and to find out what your specific dosha is, check out Embrace Ayurveda for more information. 

Depending on your constitution (or dosha), you may need a different yoga practice than the person next to you. Kathy Gorohoff one of the yoga teachers at 5 Lights Wellness, studied Ayurveda during her teacher training and is able create a yoga practice for you that is specific to your dosha. A person with a Pitta constitution may need a more grounding, slow moving practice. Where a person with a Kapha imbalance may way to try a more heating or energetic practice. In general, Kathy's classes are gentle and energetic, while focusing on strength and stability. 5 Lights Wellness offers small, focused yoga classes and is dedicated to offering yoga that will provide overall wellness to each person that comes into class. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kathy's yoga classes or discussing a yoga practice specific to your dosha, go to: to contact Kathy or to sign up for a class.