Acupuncture grids vs points

Acupuncture is an interesting modality because the knowledge of the practitioner and the client, as well as the intention of giving and receiving, alters the effect. This is quantum physics. What is observed is altered by what is observing it. 

{Side story…I had the interesting experience of meeting Dr. Richard Tan once.  He was very well known for the way he used acupuncture for pain. He could put a few needles in someone and immediately their pain would disappear.  If clients came to him as often as prescribed he claimed it would never return.  In class, when we tried to follow his instruction our results were inconsistent at best.  Why? Not because it was a class full of beginners. Most were well seasoned acupuncturists. I think it was because we didn’t have the same knowledge as he did as to why the system he created worked.}

I think the real magic of acupuncture lies in its ability to raise our vibration by aligning all aspects of our being- body, mind, emotions, soul, and spiritual centers.  This allows us to expand our consciousness.  In short expanding consciousness means embarking on a soul journey. It is said that the soul journey then leads to a higher spiritual journey.

Each acupuncture point on the body is a field of information. They are more than just a command code to our physical vessel.  They are morphogenic links that send a code to all aspects of our being.  Morphogenic means not linear. It’s more like each point has a certain frequency and that vibration sets off different cues in the body, mind, spiritual centers, etc. 

In Esoteric acupuncture, these morphogenic fields (acupuncture points) are needled together to form a grid.  The grid is a geometrical shape.  The needles are inserted into specific points, for specific reasons, in a specific order.  They are then removed in a specific order when the session is complete.

The geometric shapes have an interesting effect.  It creates what’s called a Spin Field. In quantum mechanics Spin refers to the rotation of a particle around some axis.  This rotation is intrinsic. Spinors are characterized by the specific way in which they behave under rotations. They change in different ways depending not just on the overall final rotation, but the details of how that rotation was achieved. * {This is why the particulars of which acupuncture points and the order they are needled will have different effects.}

A spin field contains information, magnitude and direction of a particle.  When we activate a spin field through our energetic system we experience this information and magnitude changing as the momentum of our energy is accelerated. This means, in addition to the acupuncture points themselves having a resonant effect, the overlaying geometrical shape, when needled in a certain way, with certain points, also releases information that is helpful as we journey along our inner soul and spiritual heart purpose.

Preparing for a parasite cleanse

There is a myth about parasites that you only get them if you travel to third world countries.  In my experience this is not true. Most people have parasites and most people would feel the benefit of doing a parasite cleanse.  There are many parasite cleanses out there. I recommend taking herbs called Support the Mountain by Dr. Mikio Sankey, that are formulated to kill parasites and their eggs.   

It can be beneficial to plan out a cleanse.  Here’s what I recommend:


If you have or had pets at any point in your life and are in a position to maintain a clean diet for 3 months, I would do an initial 3 month cleanse that would consist of a clean diet and herbs.

If you are not in a position to do it for 3 months, you can do a shorter cleanse, but I recommend at least a month.

If you’re on a spiritual path doing an initial 3 month parasite cleanse followed by a yearly shorter cleanse could be beneficial.

Getting Ready:

Before you start the herbs you will want to transition off alcohol, meat and dairy.  If you consume these things frequently, then I would have at least one week free of them prior of starting the herbs.  If you have excess heat in your system you may want to cut out coffee and possibly cut down heating spices/foods such as garlic, ginger, onions, etc.  You want to plan to start during a week that is lowkey. As in, don’t start a parasite cleanse the week of a stressful work or family event, etc. Plan it for when you think you’ll have time to rest if needed. 

A parasite cleanse stimulates the liver and detoxing effects.  Because of this, you may get headaches, be irritable, tired, foggy headedness and achy as the body starts purging toxins as well as orients to the vibration of the herbs and diet changes.

During the Cleanse:

To start the cleanse you will maintain a light diet free (or little) of meat, dairy, sugar and alcohol. These substances create a lot of damp and heat in the body. The herbs are very strong and quick energy movers.   When there is excess damp heat in the body the effect from the herbs is not pleasant and most people feel worse detox effects.

You start by taking 1 herb capsule 2 times a day between meals and after a few days, if you feel fine, increase to 2 herbs 2 times a day. If you are doing one month, keep this dosage until the bottle is finished, which should be about a month.  If you are doing a more thorough cleanse, continue taking the herbs between meals, completing up to 3 bottles (about 3 months worth).

During the cleanse you may find parasites exiting your body.  This is usually done through the bowels.  

Parasite cleanses aren’t appropriate for everyone.  If you’re interested in doing on, let’s chat!

Healing Obstacles

Healing starts with removing obstacles. The greatest obstacles being inside our body and mind.

Healing is creating change needed to remove blocks. Anything that is blocked is not whole. Healing is the natural desire to move towards wholeness. 

When we align ourselves with our Heart we intuitively know what our purpose is and our healing path is illuminated. When we know where we are going, then it is just a matter of discovering how to get there.  That process begins with removing obstacles. 

In Chinese medicine there is a saying that the Hun must follow the Shen.  The Hun is the spirit of the liver. In 5 element system the liver is like the General. It’s the visionary, the function in us that makes plans, judgements, assessments and determines the course of action to move forward and accomplish our goals.  It is structure and facilitator.  It is that energy in us that has a sense of the right way to live for ourselves (and often others).  The energetic is the expression of frustration and anger. 

The Shen is the spirit of the Heart.  In 5 element theory, the Shen is the emperor, the center, the Sun.  It is the energy of higher and lower frequencies of love and joy.  When the Shen is awakened we have access to our Higher Heart, a very fine energy/information field.  When a sense of order comes through us, we find the elements begin to relate to one another in a more coherent and integrated way.  As the Heart frequencies strengthen, the lower frequencies of Earth, Water, Metal and Wood bow down and begin to entrain to higher aspects/vibrations. 

Obstacles are simply energies that are denser than our desired state of being. We remove them by raising our vibration, and there are many ways to do that. Here are a few ideas:

  • There is no exercise that will make up for poor eating. You cannot simply burn it off.  A diet of poor foods creates mucus in the body which creates blocks.  Keeping your diet simple, eating organic fruits and raw or lightly steamed veggies in combinations that are few, help empower the body to resolve mucus and eliminate toxins. 
  • Everything is in resonance.  When we are lonely, depressed, in grief, in anger.  When we feel isolated, in pain, or misunderstood. We are experiencing a vibration. Be curious about it. Spend a few minutes tuning into it, listening, perhaps having an inner dialogue with this part of you. Hold yourself gently with your mind as you do this.  Then move your body. Change your scene.  Listen to upbeat music.  Change your vibration. The combination of tuning in with loving kindness and curiosity, and then intentionally uplifting your vibration is much like a mother consoling a child after the fall off their bike.  If there is too much dwelling on the pain from the fall it can smash out the courage to try again.  If there is too little attending to the pain it can smash out our natural humanness.  If we tend to ourselves with just the right amount of both- love/tenderness and strength/discipline to make a change – then we find one level of the meaning Hun Follow the Shen.

This process of refining ones energy to a higher vibration is spontaneous yet effortful. It takes focus, yet arises from nothing.  We can sabotage it with our actions, yet the reason for doing has a lot of wisdom in it. We can only be where we are, we can only take action from what is experienced in this moment.  As the Zen saying goes, chop wood, carry water.

Endocrine Gland Energy Meditation

When we quiet our mind our attention naturally turns to our internal world.  Not necessarily our emotional world, which is naturally entangled with the external world.  Rather it allows us to discover what is underneath our day to day thoughts, feelings, sense of doing, reaction and entanglement with the external world.  When we meditate, we are positioning ourselves to have a certain experience.  What that experience is, of course, varies. Sometimes I sit in meditation and nothing really happens. My mind is just quietly resting in silence.  Other times I experience a profound sense of Stillness.  Other times I go into a deep energetic trance and have profound physical, energetic, visual, and auditory experiences.  For myself I’ve found whatever experience is had in meditation is valuable and something I learn from.

Sometimes it is helpful to start of a meditation with a specific action for the mind to take.  In such as case, I’ve found working with the chakras is a lovely way to kick off your inner inquiry.  The chakras are energetic fields of information that govern the workings of our mind, body, emotions and soul and spiritual contact.  The information dispelled from the chakra fields inform our endocrine glands that in turn direct our biology and psychology through the release of hormones.   

This meditation can be used to focus on either the chakra centers themselves or the endocrine glands.  To start you might want to look up where the glands or chakras are. Print and post them on the wall if easy/possible.  Or just look at them so you have an idea where they are in your body. When you get ready to meditate have the images close by.  Sit or lay in a comfortable position.  Begin by looking at the pictures and scanning your body and see if you can find a sensation coming from the gland or chakra.  Once you find it, close your eyes and take some breaths.  I like to see myself bringing in gold light and exhaling out the old. Sometimes it’s old thoughts, emotions, stagnant energy or even another color.  If you are pressed on time you can do just a few breaths for each gland or chakra, starting at the base (1) and working your way to your crown (7).  When you have more time, I suggest staying on each gland until you feel it is balanced, or have an intuition to move on to another one. 

Chakra centers are located:

1st - Perineum
2nd - Sacrum
3rd - Half way between navel and bottom of sternum
4th - Center of the chest/sternum
5th- Center of throat
6th- Center of forehead
7th- Top of head

Endocrine gland associated with the chakras are;

1st - ovaries
2nd - adrenals
3rd - pancreas
4th - thymus
5th- thyroid
6th- pituitary
7th- pineal

In our culture there is a lot of promotion of using meditation as a tool to manage stress. This is true. But there is much, much……much more to it.  Meditation is a way we can bring our soul to the forefront of ourselves by changing the resonance of our body and mind, and truly enlighten ourselves.  I encourage daily practice of at least 20 minutes so you can get a taste of the jewels within.

Nourishing Depression

Needless to say depression is one of those experiences that we’d all rather not have to deal with.  But the fact is that most people will experience periods of depression at some point in their life, and are likely to be affected by a loved one dealing with it as well.

In Chinese medicine depression stems from an imbalance of the liver.  In 5 element theory the energy of the liver transforms into the energy of the heart.  When the liver is burdened the heart fire decreases and there is depression.  Liver is responsible for inner vision, planning, sense of direction in life and taking action.  If there is stagnation in the liver energy system we are not moving forward in life and the negative and stagnant energies of the liver will be transferred into the heart field.  The Chinese understood there are different types of souls that reside within the human experience.  The Hun is associated with the liver, and translates as cloud-soul.  This aspect of our soul is understood to reincarnate with us through all our lifetimes and is the record of our purpose in each manifestation.

In my clinical experience of working with clients experiencing depression the manifestation of it is unique and factors such as family of origin, personal experiences, and karma, as well as the health and vitality of the physical body are usually intertwined.  From a wellness perspective depression is not something I approach as an ailment that needs to be healed.  Rather, it offers information that when we examine and understand the cause of, can begin to transform.   This process increases self-awareness and teaches one the magic of self-transformation. These are soul lessons.

Given that it is unique for everyone, I find myself engaging with clients differently as well.  But one thing that is common is creating a context of emotional and mental support, and optimizing the physical body.   With depression there is always some level of physical purification that needs to occur.  When we eat good foods, drink pure water and exercise, the vibration of the body starts to lift, dramatically influencing the emotional body.

Physical Body Care:

Increase organic calcium
Eliminate sugar, chemicals, drugs or alcohol
A liver flush is helpful to strengthen the liver system so the physical organ is not so stressed.  This simple cleanse is a good start.

Include these foods regularly:
Sour foods:  lemons, pippin and granny smith apples, unflited/unheated apple cider vinegar
B complex
Vitamin C

Liver is responsible for governing the flow of energy through the body.  When the body does not move, the liver energy stagnates.  Moving the physical body helps support and stimulate the liver in moving qi smoothly. 

Emotional Body Care:
Learning how to stay in your body while experience depression is, in my estimate, the first step.  Most often I see people disassociate, or are only partially in their body.  This makes it impossible to transform.  Mindful practices will inevitably draw someone even closer to the experience of depression, which is typically feared and therefore avoided. But in my experience, with proper, consistent, loving, support from another person can be the key for drawing one into their body and once that is established a deeper, objective examination of one’s experience can begin.  Examining our experience is like shining the light of our attention on ourselves.  By nature we are set up to pursue wholeness.  When we become aware of a wound inhibiting this wholeness the act of our attention is what ignites healing.

Different Vibrations: Family of Origin, Soul & Ghosts

There are many, if not countless, ways the human experience can be described. From an energetic viewpoint we could describe ourselves as oscillating fields within oscillating fields.  These fields are the energetic landscape that is the information giving expression of our body, mind, emotions, soul and spiritual essence. 

Each energy field has a specific vibration.  Vibration is the movement created by information as it is expressed in the material universe.  When these oscillating fields are embedded and entangled with one another we get complex dynamics such as the human experience.  Each field has its own set of governing rules that if we are to live in harmony we must discover and abide by them, or know how to work around them.

Family of Origin
If we are on a path of wellness our gaze becomes increasingly inward as we begin to take notice how different foods and movements effect our mind and body.  We notice what our tendencies of thoughts are, and gain understanding of the experiences that shape our emotional life.  In my practice it’s always fascinating to see how profoundly our thoughts and beliefs effect the body, mind and energy system. It often looks like a fog or even a thick cloud covering the sun as the soul moves to the background and a new matrix of mental matter casts forward. 

If we are paying close attention we may also discover the frequency of the information passed on by family. This family of origin frequency is a permeating field, that often has a strong influence over the body, mind and emotions.  If it has a strong hold on the person, it can often be mistaken as the vibration of the soul.  The healing work then becomes to support, disentangle and properly re-embed the information from the family so that it is not overshadowing or blocking the soul. 

Soul & Higher Heart
In Chinese medicine it is believed that when a person dies the soul ascends through the energetic system of the liver (wood element) into a plane of un-manifest.  When it is time for the soul to re-enter into the manifest realm, it descends via the monadic ray and reincarnates.  The soul holds the record of all past life experiences and the purpose for the current life. 

Healthy development usually starts with getting to know ourselves as our personality. If we’re lucky this process is supported and encouraged by those closest to us at a young age.  As we grow and our capacity increases and our mind mature it is natural to begin have discover ones soul.  If we have a strong experience our soul, situations in our life and our own characteristics can change, often rapidly.  What was once maybe an option or an idea to pursue, now feels like a choiceless sense of “I must.” As the brilliance of the soul shines through it transforms the personality, illuminates the purpose of one’s life and offers a bridge to the higher spiritual centers of our Heart. 

If we tune into ourselves with very quiet minds we can begin to discern between the pulse of our soul and the pulse of our Higher Spiritual Heart.  Just as awakening to our soul journey can transform our life, so does awakening to the Heart’s spiritual journey.

Ghosts, Entities & Such
As our sensitivity increases we may become aware of other subtle souls and energies that may or may not be visible us, but can perhaps be felt or sensed in some way.  If we can perceive them, we can work with these energies by asking questions, or by simply attuning our mind to them.  If we have a quiet heart we will know if the energy has good intentions for us or not. If not, there are ways to clear them from ones space and self.  My favorite way to clear space is to smudge with salt and alcohol and to use copper rings.  If any entities have attached or are hooked into your energy field whatever has been inserted into the energy field must be fully removed (cutting cords is not sufficient) and the field must be mended.

The more we turn our gaze inward the more we increase our sensitivity and expand our self awareness.  This increasing of consciousness is a higher path of wellness.

Yin vs Restorative

A few of you have asked, what exactly is the difference between Yin and Restorative yoga? While this could be answered many different ways, a simple explanation is within the intention. One is not “better” than the other and they often overlap at least on the outside.

Yin – focuses on finding length and expansion within the being.

Traditionally, yin poses follow the body’s meridian lines to move energy and stagnation that manifests physically in our tissues, feelings of tightness or stiffness. While the body is seemingly still within each pose, there is movement with each breath to deepen the experience. Finding the edge where comfort meets sensation and then with time and breath expanding the edge as space is created. Yin is a balance of effort and ease, not every pose will “feel good” depending on what is being worked on or through mentally or physically. In these experiences, the mind is able to relearn how to efficiently cope with the stories often attached to physical sensations. We practice staying present with what is around and within us on our mat so that we can do this for ourselves in the world. This process is done with support and care; we are never forcing our bodies to comply with what a pose “should” look like. We are, however, paying close attention to the unique individual alignment and subtle shifts of our own experience. Yin poses are considered the lunar side of yoga. Calming, cooling, releasing, and stretching. If you have tried yoga before, these are typically the poses you do seated or laying down on the mat. We are not working to build strength or heat within the body, but to release and move what is already there.

Restorative – focuses on softening, relaxing, and releasing within the being.

In restorative yoga, all effort is replaced by ease, at least that is the goal. This can be more challenging than you would think. Our bodies are constantly receiving information from interactions within our environment. This is a busy world. A lot of that input can get stuck in our body’s holding patterns. Restorative yoga allows our bodies to rest with awareness, relaxing the mind and body layer by layer. In doing so, the being gets to re remember what ease feels like, cultivating the inner observer our space. Awareness creates choice and we can better navigate how we respond to to the world around us. Restorative yoga is a longer class to allow time to properly set up each pose. We use (many) props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets to completely support the body and find a comfortable resting position, which can take time. The intention is to release all effort, allowing the body to discover areas of chronic tension and softening with awareness.

The Path of Wellness

In the western paradigm, we are prone to a rather narrow view of health and healing.  In this disease-centric model we perceive healthcare as managing/responding to a disease or attempting to prevent it. This is like going from negative to zero and only focusing on half of the health picture.  Wellness, is the best term I have come across to describe what happens beyond zero and into the positive.  Wellness is not about prevention, it is about expansion.  There is always a place for the healthcare of disease management.  Illnesses are to be respected and cared for tenderly. We have ample, highly qualified, incredibly knowledgeable practitioners that offer services to effectively give this kind of care.  But those who are awake to the new paradigm of wellness may be looking for alternative tools to assist them on their journeys of expanding.  This is a response to such seekers.

If maintenance, such as in the western disease-centric model, takes us from negative to zero, wellness takes us from zero to positive.  As mentioned, wellness is about expanding consciousness.  Expanding consciousness entails a shift in one’s vibrational field.  Energy is information and is expressed at various density levels.  The densest being our physical body, then our etheric body, emotional, mental and various refined spiritual bodies.  For those on a spiritual path, it may be of interest how these bodies align and inform one another.  As we begin to look at wellness and expansion we discover we can use our own effort and will to refine even our densest of energy bodies.  As we do, we change the information (energy) available to us.  As this information changes, our physical body, mind, and emotions change as well.  Many will even report a shift in the day to day challenges they have and find things that use to be struggles before aren't anymore.

At this stage our consciousness begins to shift as a direct result of our own volition. We find tools to help us unfold and while we deal with any physical or social ailments, we become more interested in our inner journey.  Tools on our wellness journey are practices like eating the highest quality and vibrationally clean foods we can, meditation, mindful movement practices, and receiving energy work.  

Even though acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, what continues to be taught in schools today remains rooted in the western paradigm, be it responding to illness or focusing on preventing imbalances.  The focus of preventing imbalances is not a wrong way to practice.  I often use acupuncture as a tool to meet clients where they're at in dealing with physical issues.  But think about it, what is the motive for preventing energetic imbalances?  Most people I have asked say in order to avoid dealing with the physical/mental/emotional expressions of those imbalances.  Energy workers who are aware of the wellness paradigm are more interested in helping clients open up, and access the higher vibrations of their Heart center.  As this is done, prevention is  swept up and moved beyond as the expansion of consciousness is chosen over the contraction of focusing on the physical.

As we climb the ladder of wellness we find our sensitivity increases and we become more particular with what we ingest – including food, music/sound, information from TV and news, social activities, etc.  For those who are rooted in the comforts of the day to day living, it may not be the right time to embark on such a journey, but for those who are ready to release what is no longer needed and let the fires of the Heart burn through the gateways of higher consciousness, these shifts will be welcomed.  

Sound Table

Music has been a medicinal tool for ages. Noted in ancient scripture and remnants found in archaeological discoveries we know our ancestors used sound as a way to heal themselves.  Today we find science is discovering the power of sound and as it relates to medicine as well.  In recent studies, scientists are discovering that cells have sound.  Not only do different types of cells have different sounds, but healthy and unhealthy cells can also be differentiated.  Even though we are in the beginning stages of these discoveries, the potentially profound effect on medicine is elating.  If we can decode the language of cells through sound frequency we are more capable to determine physical health prior to any ill symptoms emerging. This also opens the door to better understanding the mind-body-energy relationship. 

While scientists continue to deepen their studies of cell sound, people seem to intuitively know that music can make us feel good, change our moods, and calm our body and minds.  Sound healing differs from listening to music on the radio in how it uses specific tones and rhythms to facilitate shifts in our energy body. In energy medicine, it is understood that energy is an expression of matter, but can also change matter.  For example, yeast cells have a specific frequency they emit, (which is energy), if you expose the cell to a drop of alcohol (outside energy acting upon matter) the frequency of the cell changes. 

In sound healing specific tones and rhythms are used to break up unwanted coherence in the body/mind (ie. Cancer cells, or negative thoughts.) and to stimulate the reorganization and harmonic coherence.   The frequency being produced in a sound healing session, has an organizing and informing effect on weaker, less organized frequencies.  For example, if someone comes in with anxiety, they are experiencing a very chaotic, frenetic frequency, and with it often comes nervous feeling, scattered thoughts, irregular breathing and heartbeat, etc.  If they listen and feel a frequency that is strong, deep, clear, their body will naturally tune into it and start to synchronize to it and anxiety can melt away.  Like any medicine, sound healing offers an experience and opens one to the possibility of a different way of being. It is always up to the individual as to how far they take it.

The sound table is a visceral and auditory experience that moves energy through the body and mind in a profound way. Clients rest comfortably on a massage table in a private room while selected sounds and music are played through a sonically designed experience.  The music used in these sessions is compiled playlists from well-known sound healers and musicians.  The music is intentional and purposeful.  Sessions are 45 - 60 minutes with time allowed for quiet meditation after. 

In the days to follow many clients experience a deeper sense of embodiment, openings in thought processes, release of emotion, deeper sleep, ease of pain, and an overall sense of well-being.

7 Day Simple Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

Here is a simple 7 day Liver/Gallbladder cleanse.  Even if you maintain a relatively clean diet, cleanses are beneficial to do a few times a year to help keep the body optimized.  For those on a spiritual path cleansing the body is an essential aspect of transforming consciousness.  Regardless of your motive, it is helpful to keep in mind that many things, subtle and not so subtle occur during a cleanse.  This cleanse is simple but it moves a lot of energy, so good to plan out and do it a week you don’t have a lot of obligations and can take some quiet time.  Cleansing is always an opportunity to go deeper into our spiritual heart center, which of course is hard to do when we have a lot of things demanding our attention look outwards instead of inwards.

Plan for 7 days. On the 7th day you will need to stay home, with easy access to a toilet,  so be sure to run all errands, etc. before.

During this cleanse the only thing you need to really stay away from is dairy.  Though I also recommend no alcohol, and if you eat meat, to choose lighter meats, such as fish/chicken vs. beef.  You might find that nut butters are also too heavy.

Day 1 – 5:  Take 1 malic acid w/ mag tablet 3 times a day.  


Day 6:  On day 6 mix 4 TBSP of Epsom salt with 3 cups of hot water. Dissolve the salt. You’ll be splitting this into 4 doses. Between 4-6pm take 1 dose of the Epsom salt mixture. I recommend drinking it quickly.  You’ll want to stay home after this first dose as you’ll  may have urgent bowel movements. 

At 8pm take the second dose.

Still on day 6 – at 10 pm mix ½ cup of the highest quality First Cold Press Extra Virgin olive oil you can afford. With ½ cup of citrus – lemon or grapefruit is ideal.

Day 7:  First thing in the morning take another Epsom salt dose.  2 hours later take the last (4th) dose. Stay home, take it easy. 

In this cleanse the malic acid softens any gallstones you may have, and the magnesium stimulates the colon to release it.  This energetically cleanses the wood element allowing for stagnation to be released and energy to move through its natural cycle with more ease.

Why I Read Tarot

 by Ruth Bryan

It all started when I stumbled across a Tarot deck more than three years ago in a cramped New York boutique off a street in Brooklyn. The images drew me to them like a magnetic force, conveying something more powerful than words. I bought the Wild Unknown Deck by Kim Krans and began my journey into the world of the Tarot. The Tarot deck was created in Italy as far back as the mid 15th century. Scholars believe it started as a card game that began to be used as a divination tool only a hundred or so years later. Still, the deck has been recreated hundreds of times by various artists, and used to inspire and connect with intuition by thousands. 

For me, the tarot acts as a guide for a conversation - whether that be with myself, or with any other querent (the person asking the question). The images provide a visual anchor for thoughts, and the archetypes allow me to see the issue in a new and different way. "Am I acting from the place of the Emperor (Masculine Authority), when what this situation needs is more energy like the Queen of Cups (Nurturing Emotional Safety)?". 

At first the 78 cards seemed daunting, how was I ever going to learn all of them? But slowly I learned to trust the feeling, following the images and believing in myself enough to interpret from my intuition. 

I sought friends and strangers to give readings too - at cafes, at parties, I'd bring my deck with me and decided to be ready to check in at any moment. This has been such a gift for me, to have something to connect to whenever I'm not feeling clear. I can wake up and drink coffee and draw a card for the day, and use it as an intention. I also have a way to start the deeper conversations with people, find out what's really going on for them. To watch them learn to trust their intuition and guide themselves to the answers they already carry. The Tarot is a gift, and I'd love to share it with you this Saturday and every 1st Saturday of the month from 4:30-5:30PM at 5 Lights Wellness. 

Yoga as Medicine

In yoga, asana is the practice that moves and holds the body in specific positions with the purpose being to balance and purify.  In its original form, yoga was a practice for enlightenment.  In our culture most people I know approach yoga under a different motivation.  If they are taken by the practice, they share there is a sort of enlightening that occurs as the magic of yoga enables one to free up the various levels of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.   In this way, not only does the body become tone and the mind become more calm, but there is an expansion that occurs in the sense of self.  All the sudden “I” means more than my personality, my problems, my gifts, etc.  

Along the way of our yoga journey we begin to discover moving the body in certain positions changes the electrical current throughout the body.  As well, it changes the blood flow through our tissues and stretches and calms our nerves.  These changes are similar to how acupuncture, reiki, massage, chiropractic and other wellness modalities influence our bio-psycho–physio-energetic bodies.  Discovering what poses have what effect on your body is part of the transformation that occurs in yoga when the mind turns in on itself through the alignment of the body.  As you can imagine, having a good teacher to help you along the way is key in developing a true yoga practice, and not just a fitness practice.

Below is one position shared by 5 Lights teacher Melissa on Viparita Karani – “inverted in action” – and how it can be used as medicine.

High/low blood pressure? Insomnia? Low back pain? Anxiety? Headaches? Compromised immune system? Chronic stress? Healing an injury? Low energy? Chronic pain? If you said yes to any one of these ailments then Viparita Karani (pronounced Vee-pa-ree-ta Kah-ron-ee) is for you.

This pose translates from Sanskrit as “inverted in action”. Meaning, in a physically passive way you are quite actively creating powerful shifts in your being by changing the typical flow of energy. Inversion postures that take you upside down have the power to boost the body’s ability to adapt. As you probably know through your own experience, this world can be an intense place. We are constantly being exposed to other people, energies, messages, and circumstances that create a response within us. For better or for worse. While our thoughts and energy can shift rather quickly, our physical body has a deeper process for integrating and releasing information. Through yoga, we can bring our attention and intention back to the body to enhance this process. 

Viparita Karani in particular, helps the body in so many beautiful ways. When being supported by the wall (as shown in the picture), this posture has such profound benefits because it helps the body to replace effort with ease. When we allow ourselves to rest with awareness and support, we are clearing our systems, cleansing the body, and improving our energy flow. Healing from the inside out. #thanksyoga

Taking 5 to 10 minutes a day to rest with your feet up is like creating an energetic drain to release whatever happened that day or within this lifetime and bring you back to your center. Try this posture while listening to a guided meditation, audio book, or simply rest with your breath and know the benefits are great. Remember, self-care is never a waste time.

Yoga Energetics

In our busy and chaotic world, it is very common for people to become out of balance both internally and externally in their body. Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity and can often help people become more balanced. Through Ayurvedic practices, we adjust what we put into our body and develop or modify our daily practices, to find our unique state of balance. One component that will help bring balance to the body and mind, is yoga, the sister science to Ayurveda. The practice of yoga helps you become more in tune with how your physical body feels and can help you to move your prana (energy) through your body. It also helps with building strength, balance and focus to both your body and mind. To learn more about the science Ayurveda and to find out what your specific dosha is, check out Embrace Ayurveda for more information. 

Depending on your constitution (or dosha), you may need a different yoga practice than the person next to you. Kathy Gorohoff one of the yoga teachers at 5 Lights Wellness, studied Ayurveda during her teacher training and is able create a yoga practice for you that is specific to your dosha. A person with a Pitta constitution may need a more grounding, slow moving practice. Where a person with a Kapha imbalance may way to try a more heating or energetic practice. In general, Kathy's classes are gentle and energetic, while focusing on strength and stability. 5 Lights Wellness offers small, focused yoga classes and is dedicated to offering yoga that will provide overall wellness to each person that comes into class. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kathy's yoga classes or discussing a yoga practice specific to your dosha, go to: to contact Kathy or to sign up for a class. 

Beating Sick Season

It’s pretty common for what we consider flu season to start right around Halloween and go through New Years, with another little flare of it around Valentines day.  From a holistic perspective we can’t ignore the increase of sugar intake and stress during these months. 

Sugar creates a damp inflammatory environment in our body. Parasites and yeast thrive in damp environments and can have a dramatic effect on our physical and mental wellbeing, creating the stage for disease, mental fog and emotional instability.  Knowing a season of sugar and stress are soon approaching, you may choose to do a cleanse before and after the holidays.  This helps stimulate the immune system and can help make it easier to make healthful and conscious choices through the holiday season. 

A few things you can do to support detox (in addition to cutting out or down on processed foods and alcohol):

1.  Drink hot water with lemon in the morning and throughout the day.

2.  Support the liver with either herbs or teas.  Nettle and milk thistle are great teas to be having this time of year.   I also recommend Bairn Biologics Liver supplement that is a nice botanical blend to help tonify the liver.

4.  Support the kidneys.  Bitter flavors such as Celery and Burdock help cut dampness in the body and tonifies the kidneys.  I recommend either juicing these, or a tincture by Herb Pharm called Stone Breaker.

5.  Support bowl movements.  A healthy gut has a bowl movement with every meal.  If you’re getting enough fiber in your diet through whole grains and vegetables and are still having constipation, you may want to add magnesium supplement to your routine.  Magnesium helps calm the nervous system, improve digestion, relaxation and sleep.

5.  If you have an overgrowth of yeast a supplement can be used to treat it. I recommend Candisol by Bairn.

6. If you have parasites (if you have pets, you do.)  Herbs can be used to get rid of them.  You want to use a blend that will kill the grown parasites as well as the egg sacks. I recommend Dr. Mikio Sankey's Support the Mountain.

7.  A probiotic is always good to keep up a strong healthy gut.  Not all probiotics (or supplements for that matter) are created equal.  Again, I recommend Bairn Biologics, specifically the 15/100, which offers 15 strains and 100 billion cultures per capsule. 

8.  If you have a sugar craving use organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses and raw, unheated honey.

*A note about supplements.  High quality supplements are made of natural, organic ingredients.  How they are stored will have an effect on them and can alter their potency.  It's always best to get your supplements from a trusted source.

Foundation for vitality:

1. Eat healthy foods.  Nothing replaces fresh organic, whole foods.

2. Eat raw greens. Raw foods give us enzymes, which help our gut be healthy and improve our immune system.  If you have digestive pain when eating raw foods it’s a sign the digestive track is compromised in some way and it would be beneficial to tonify your digestive fire first.

3.  Move your body. Moving helps blood and lymph move through the body cleansing and nourishing the tissues.  Even if it’s doing stretches and short walks, throughout the week, it will help your body get rid of toxin buildup.

4.  Breath.  In Chinese medicine the lungs and colon are siblings, they are the yin and yang of the Metal element, which is a dominant energy in nature this time of year.  Together they work with the kidneys and liver to release toxins.  Most of us are shallow breathers. Our lives are stressful and we’re constantly on the go.  If we get in the practice of breathing mindfully a few minutes each day we cue our body to release what it no longer needs.

And of course there is meditation, immersing yourself in nature when you can, fill your senses with things that are pleasing and uplifting to you, and support healthy sleep habits. 

Fire & Metal: Yuji (Fish Pond) to Fish Pose.

Yuji, is the name of the 10th acupuncture point on the lung meridian. It is located on the fleshy part of the palm at the base of the thumb.  It translates as Fish Pond and energetically draws fire energy into the lung meridian, which moves metal energy.  The relationship between fire and metal is part of what is called the Ko cycle, or control cycle.  The control cycle reflects how specific energies temper other frequencies, in this case how fire energy can control metal energy by warming or melting it.

As we look to the organs that resonate fire and metal frequencies we find the yin aspects of each in the chest:  Lungs (yin metal) and Heart/pericardium (yin fire).  Balance is often thought of as equal parts, but if we look at the yin/yang symbol we may come to understand balance, at least in the living, requires more yang than yin energy.  Life is expansion/yang.

When people are expanding their consciousness I see their lung field unifies with the heart field to allow for openness as the energy is flowing in and out of the center of the chest easily.  In a moment of contraction the heart field closes and other frequencies come forward, sometimes the kidneys (water/fear) or the lungs (metal/grief) or the liver (wood/frustration).  When we do our inner work, the lung energy remains integrated with heart even when there is contraction.

If we are mindful we may notice in our bodies when these subtle shifts occur.  One pose to help temper the metal energy of the lungs and ultimately unify them with the fire of the heart is called Matsyasana, or Fish Pose. 


1-2 minutes
Props:  2 blocks, 3-5 blankets or 1 bolster.


· Come to lie on your back, relax the spine into the floor. Take a deep breath in through the nose, close your eyes and exhale. Repeat 3 times or as many as desired. Breathing deep into the backside of the ribcage.

· Place one block horizontally, on the lowest height, under your shoulder blades, behind the heart.

· Place the second block behind the head, vertically on medium height.

· If using blankets, fold into a thick (5- 10 inches in height) rectangle and place vertically on the ground near your tailbone. Relax back over the blankets, relaxing your shoulders and soften your neck.

Pay attention to your neck. The intention is create length and openness, so notice any compression, tension, or crunching. Keeping a soft and strain free posture that opens through the neck and chest.

The Art of Grief


In Chinese 5 element theory fall is the expression of Metal energy.  Similar to how the chakras are complex, dynamic fields of information, the elements are also fields imbedded within fields that govern our body, mind, and emotions.  When the physical body is ill, it will siphon off energy from the subtle body, pulling it in through the chakra system into the tissues as a way to counter dis-ease.  The elements are qualities of energy that also contract or expand through our bodymind.  While we see the elements express through the physical body, it is more often talked about how these energies influence the mind and emotions.  Metal energy is the energy of grief.  If we aredoing our inner work, grief becomes an energy that we engage with.  Through our own intention and attention we can begin to refine this energy into the effort of purification, release and reverence.  This process is core to the experience of being human. When approached mindfully many discover a divine beauty to the whole experience, in turn transmuting any excessive contraction Metal energy is naturally susceptible to.

Of course grief is experienced daily by most people, but perhaps given its common resonance with autumn, it can feel more overwhelming this time of year.  Depression, sadness, feelings of heaviness or disconnection, emotional waves, cloudiness feeling, colds, flues, lung congestion, changes in digestion, can be expressions of one’s metal energy expressing itself. 

There is no magic prescription for processing grief.  Everyone responds to it in their own way.  I’ve found in working with my own grief and with others, touch and staying present seem key for healing. 

Be in Touch.

I remember a few years ago sitting next to a woman in the airport.  She got off the phone and burst into tears. I turned my attention to her and she said her son had just died. Without thought I hugged her.  I could feel her energy sink into mine and she began to center herself.  Later as I passed by her sitting on the plane she thanked me.  It's a story that has reminded me we shouldn't underestimate how deeply healing touch can be.  

Being touched with good intentions gives us the sense of being seen, cared for, and acknowledged. There is about 5 million sensory receptors on our skin. When we are touched, electrical pulses are sent to our neurons (nerve cells) and then to the spinal cord. Your spinal cord takes the incoming signal and sends it to your brain. Once the brain receives the signal from the spinal cord, it translates the electrical signal. [Source].  As these signals are decoded, our body reduces our cortisone levels, stimulates our immune system by increasing lymphocytes and decreasing cytokines and vasopression. [Source].

Energetically, touch occurs when fields connect, either through proximity or through morphic resonance.  In one study conducted by the HeartMath Institute,  the data showed “when people touch or are in proximity, a transference of the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs.”

Morphic fields are self organizing energetic fields that, according to the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, govern biological and social development, habits, and thoughts.  When morphic fields are in resonance, such as between individuals, the fields act as a channel for communication.  In this way bodies don’t have to be touching, but there is still a sense of it.   Remote healing, telepathy and are good examples of this. 

Be Present.

The basics of wellness care never change, but in times of grief it can be incredibly difficult to do even these.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what the basics are and find support in friends and family to make them happen. 

Basics: Support your body. Sleep, but not too much.  Eat (good food), but not too much.  Drink water, fresh juices and teas. Support your liver and colon to make sure your body is flushing out toxins.  Meditate, and move your body throughout the day.  Be in nature.  Be in your body.  Breath mindfully for a few minutes each day.  Balance stillness and movement. 

Deeper:  Turn your attention internally to the experience of grief. Feel it objectively and subjectively.  What happens when you give just a little bit of yourself to it?  What happens when you give all of yourself to it?  Grief is one of our great teachers.  Like all great teachers, it can deliver hard lessons, but once you turn towards it, you might find the wisdom gained positively changes your inner landscape.

How we take in our outer experience and let it shapeshift our inner world of thoughts and emotions, and then take those internal experiences and process them further to illuminate who we are, is an art in and of itself.

Cooling Yoga

Overheated? These postures will be your new best friends. Not only are you creating length within your muscular structure, which may be the first aspect you notice – you are also improving your circulatory, digestive, and immune systems. These systems are associated with the cooling parasympathetic branch of the nervous system (our rest, digest, and heal cycle) and is our body’s natural way to process and release stress hormones. However, with summer temperatures our bodies may need a little extra help to reduce internal heat. Prasarita Padottanasana and Supta Matsyendrasana both create a cooling affect in they body by releasing heat and tension within the abdomen and along the spine. Leaving you feeling refreshed, balanced, and few degrees cooler.


Prasarita Padottanasana (Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold)

  • From standing, side step about one leg’s distance so that your feet are parallel to one another.
  • Rotate your toes slightly inward towards each other. Pressing your feet firmly against the ground engage the outer leg, a downward and outward motion.
  • Bring your hand to hips and slightly tip your pelvis forward. Moving the body forward into the balls of the feet.
  •  Release your hands from your hips and rise the shoulders upwards, towards the ears. Externally rotate the arms, bringing the shoulder blades together, and then lower the shoulders down. Keeping the broadness across the collarbones.
  • Bending at hip crease, fold forward by sending the crown of your head forward and towards the ground and yours hips backward and up.
  • Bring your hands to the ground and in line with your heals, fingers forward. Keep your arms straight or to deepen, work to create a 90 degree angle with the elbow. Bringing the crown toward the ground.
  •  Bending at the knee slightly, bring your hips over your heals. Then work to straighten your legs. Keeping the effort of the pose in the feet and legs.
  • Once you have found a stable position, take 5-10 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Allowing each breath to be longer and slower than the one before. Then return to natural breath.
  • To come out of the pose, bring your hands to your hips and a bend in the knee. Slowly rise up to a straight spine.

Supta Matsyendrasana (Supine Spinal Twist)

  •  Lie on your back and pull your knees in towards your chest and rock side to side, massaging the low back.
  • With bent knees, set your feet on the ground. Press into your feet to raise your hips off the ground. Set your hips down 1-3 inches to the left.
  • Pull your knees into your chest and then allow your knees to fall the right side.
  • Keep both shoulders secure on the ground and support or adjust the legs as needed.
  • Allow the body to feel heavy for this one. Releasing heat from the core and relaxing the muscles.
  •  Once you have found a stable position, take 5-10 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Allowing each breath to be longer and slower than the one before. Then return to a natural breath.
  •  Repeat other side.


Cooling Pranayama

Sheetali Pranayama

  • Begin in a comfortable seat (note, this breath can also be done standing or laying down).
  •  Rest your hands on your knees.
  • If seated or standing, elongate spine by reaching the crown of the head upward, keeping a slight tuck of the chin.
  • Stick your tongue out and roll the outside edges upward, creating a tube shape.
  • Inhale by drawing the breath through the tongue like a straw.
  • Upon completion of the inhale, bring the tongue back inside the mouth, sealing the lips, and
    pausing the breath for 4 to 8 seconds.
  • When ready, exhale sending the breath out the nostrils.
  • Repeat this process for 5 to 10 breaths.

Can’t roll your tongue? No worries, this next one is for you.

Sitkari Pranayama (teeth hissing breath)

  •  Begin in a comfortable seat (note, this breath can also be done standing or laying down).
  • Rest your hands on your knees.
  • If seated or standing, elongate spine by reaching the crown of the head upward, keeping a slight tuck of the chin.
  • With soft pressure, clench your teeth together and move your tongue away from the teeth.
  • Inhale by drawing the breath through the teeth, creating a hissing sound.
  • Upon completion of the inhale, seal the lips, and pause the breath for 4 to 8 seconds.
  • When ready, exhale sending the breath out the nostrils.
  • Repeat this process for 5 to 10 breaths.

Frequencies of Fire


We can see the fire element easiest in the summer as it is the energy that is all around us.

In our body if there is too much fire energy we may experience excess heat, a short temper, being “hot headed,” headaches, irritability, constipation, dehydration, skin conditions, blurry vision, etc.  If there is too little fire we may experience close heartedness, withdrawn, anxiety, coldness in the body, slow metabolism, slow or foggy thoughts, unclear sense of self, etc.

All of these symptoms are clues from our bodymind that we are out of harmony.  If we turn our attention into the experience we are having we can begin to understand why we are out of sync and then we can know if the imbalance is in the physical body or if there is an emotional component.  Notice there are different ways we can examine our experience - if we are anxious or in a lot of pain we may have a hard time quieting the mind to be an objective observant.  But if we can get ourselves to a state of curiosity, a state of wanting to know ones self more, then we may be surprised how much information we can gather just by quieting our mind.  To quiet the mind means to pay attention and in this case, to direct one's attention on the intention.  Here, our intention is to know why there is an imbalance in the bodymind.  When our judging mind is quieted, then we can find the sense of knowingness as to what is causing the imbalance and then use discernment as to how to take action.   Our action may be to eliminate heating foods and to take in more cooling substances (see below).  We may find meditation helps us clear heat, or doing specific body movements.  Or perhaps we have a conflict old emotional habits that is ready to be resolved,  Sometimes just the awareness of the cause of the imbalance begins to resolve it.

Like all of the elements, Fire has many frequencies (vibrations) within its domain.  As it resonates through our emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields we might experience the range of joy and playfulness, to maturation, transformation and love. Our energy follows where we put our attention.  If we put our attention on the desire to have fun, our thoughts and actions will be governed by that desire, and in turn strengthening that vibration within us.  If we’re oriented on a specific life path, we experience the fire frequencies that help us unfold (mature/transform) on our journey.  If we're on a spiritual journey we may experience Tapas, a Sanskrit word meaning "to heat, to give warmth to, to shine, to burn."  This is a frequency of fire that comes from the fire of our kidneys (will power) and the fire of our heart (Love) resulting in the desire and discipline for self purification, orto know one's true self.

Cooling Foods:




From the Cadaver Lab to Holographic Medicine

Just about every January I find myself plotting out what continuing ed courses I’ll be taking in the coming months.  It’s a task I thoroughly enjoy and will spend hours weaving through the web, opening internet tab after tab of links to schools, online courses, programs and speakers from all fields of medicine, art, music and movement.  In these hours I fully immerse myself in dream world as I imagine how I want to unfold as a person in my own joy and wellness and how each opportunity could better hone my skills in the healing arts. 

As I follow this experience through I find myself ecstatically looking at a self- created continuing ed curriculum, composed of books to read, podcasts to listen to, classes to attend, and teachers and peers to reach out to.  This January I found myself brimming with joy as an email from Bastyr University popped up in my inbox announcing offerings this summer.  Top of the list was a cadaver lab.  I didn’t even think twice about it, that one was a must.  As excited as I was about signing up for this class I completely forgot about it in the hustle of all the changes this spring brought for me.  It wasn’t until the weekend before the class when I got the reminder that I lit up again thinking of the experience that await me.  Now I know what you’re thinking… “Cadavers Amber, really?”  But I just had a feeling it was something that would take me much deeper into my practice.

Morning of the lab I weaved my way across the lake to Kenmore.  Sun dancing through the gentle swaying trees, cotton weightlessly floating through the air- it was truly a beautiful June day.  Going to Bastyr is something I rarely have reason to do but always cherish when the occasion arises.  My path in medicine started with the health psyc program at Bastyr, which I changed out of to pursue what, I didn’t know at the time, would turn into an ever-deepening excitement for energy medicine.

The cadaver lab at Bastry is truly a sacred place.  Filled with light, plants and gratitude, the mindful approach of the students and staff is palpable.  We started and ended our days with blessings of gratitude and let our hands and eyes be guided by this profound respect shared by the group.   

We had a small class of 11, and while we were all sharing the same experience we each walked away with a different sense of aliveness and insight.  My insight occurred while looking at a nerve bundle tracking down the inner thigh.  At this point the teacher was pointing out the sensor neurons vs the motor neurons. She was showing how the signals from the tissues move from point A, you can say, to point B and how on a gross level this is the inner workings of body communication. I humored myself when the thought arose in me that linear mapping of the body didn’t make sense to me, but that holographic medicine was key.  This was not a new insight to me per se, as I practice holographic medicine, but it delighted me to be overlaying my broader knowledge of energy to the material workings of the physical body.

The world hologram comes from the Greek words “holos” meaning complete, or whole, and “gram” meaning message.  A hologram is the whole message.  Holography is the study of the three dimensional images created using light waves that interfere with each other, creating an image termed 'hologram'.  This image can be broken down into a number of pieces and each piece with still retain the complete image of the entire hologram. Holographic medicine in western medicine refers to the use of this special imaging for medical diagnosing, practice for students, etc. 

In Chinese Medicine, the principle of holograms is the foundation for energy medicine and is part and parcel of diagnosis and treatment.  Taking the pulses, examining chakras, tongue, face, feet, hands, abdomen, head, and ears are all ways to focus on one part of the whole, but through the lens of seeing that part as the whole.  Not only are parts of the body holograms (whole messages) but each acupuncture point (small chakra) is also a hologram.  What we consider to be parts, are really wholes.  This is why you can put a needle in one persons hand to help relieve their low back pain, but for another person with the same symptom needles are applied to their belly, head, or ankles.  The art of the medicine then becomes observing the hologram (whole message) and responding to that.

 Understanding this intricate and seamless relationship of parts and wholes we can understand why Spiritual Masters have all concluded to change the world you must change yourself. When we start experiencing ourselves as whole messages we find we each have a tremendous capacity to heal ourselves and experience life untethered.

Five Fabrics of Consciousness and Original Frequencies


The Chinese 5 element theory describes 5 phases of energy:  Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  Each of these energies can be thought of as a distinct vibration.  Vibrations reflect fabrics of consciousness.  This means the qualities of each element manifest in a specific way as determined by the information (frequency) of the field in which it arises.  When we look at the elements as five fabrics, we see they exist in the realm of duality and their natural rhythm is to interpenetrate one another, creating a complicated and dynamic expression of life.  When one of the vibrations (fabrics) is out of balance, it will influence the others, and if the imbalance is great enough, it will change the overall frequency of the life force and we will feel the repercussions in our body, mind and/or emotions.    5 Element acupuncture is a specific form of acupuncture that specializes in perceiving the relationship between the elements and making adjustments to the energy field to optimize harmony.

As mentioned, the 5 elements reside in the realm of duality.  In meditation, we can have an experience beyond duality.  One way to describe this experience is the self tuning into the vibration that penetrates beyond the personality and into the realm of the Soul Plane.  In samadhi, or total absorption, we attune to the frequency that extends beyond the Soul Plane and into the Monadic Plane, the field of Original Consciousness.

Inner plane work is practices that consciously cultivate as a way of seeking what exists beyond our ego.  Our Monadic ray vibrates through all three planes – Monadic, Soul and Personality.  As we refine ourselves the timing becomes ripe for our Soul Rays to penetrate into our denser aspect of our personality.  Then our path shifts from a personal experience to our souls journey.

Esoteric Acupuncture is one tool of many that helps balance the 5 fabrics of consciousness, improving the overall quality health and life experience, and invite the awakening of the Souls Journey. 

antahkarana, Celestial fullness. by Dr. Mikio Sankey

antahkarana, Celestial fullness. by Dr. Mikio Sankey